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Networking across Victoria and AGTV Poetry Competition

Individual members are from Government (incl. VSL), Independent, Catholic and Community schools, The AGTV provides networking opportunities for teachers from different schools to meet and share ideas and experiences. 

Teachers across schools collaborate in AGTV Networks to offer activities for students, including the AGTV Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition. (Scroll down for further information about this competition.)

Communication is mostly through:

  • AGTV websites
  • direct email to individual members
  • in person at events, where teachers have the opportunity to initiate and maintain professional relationships with colleagues
  • occasional emails are sent to schools for distribution to all teachers of German with summaries of opportunities for students and teachers of German
  • SZENE, a journal for teachers

Events and services are listed for online registration under 'Events & Registration' via the toolbar above.

School members are allocated by the Committee to AGTV Networks within DET regions.

There are 6 metropolitan and 6 country endorsed AGTV Networks.

Network Leaders are appointed to assist the committee in facilitating services and events organised by the committee, and may also initiate other services for members (teachers and students) under the guidelines of the Committee.

NB: Any event held in the name of the AGTV needs to be endorsed by the committee.

Professional Learning for Members

The demands on teachers have increased over time alongside the development of technology. This has impacted on our volunteer Committee and Network Leaders and the way we deliver services.

Professional learning opportunities, student events and services will in most cases be listed on the 'Events and Registration' page of this companion website for online registration either through the AGTV or a partner.

AGTV Professional Learning

It is important to continue to support each other, no matter in which location or sector we are living or working.

Therefore, all professional learning opportunities will be offered to all individual members including AGTV Network meetings. 

This means that if a Network Leader organises a professional learning event, it will be listed on the Events page for registration and open to all members for whom it is of interest. In this way, we share the limited time and resources.

Distinctions will be made between individual members and non-members for professional learning. Some opportunities for professional learning will only be offered to current individual members.

AGTV Services for Students

Distinctions will also be made between member and non-member schools e.g. cost to students and access to services. Most opportunities for students will only be offered to students from current member schools.

Other events organised for students organised withing local AGTV Networks will only be open to all schools if determined by the Network.

NB: Only students from member schools may participate in the AGTV Poetry Competition.


The AGTV-BJR Student Exchange is open to students learning German from AGTV member schools across Victoria.

The AGTV is a registered Student Exchange Organisation with the VRQA and TASC.

Contact the AGTV-BJR Coordinator:

More information under: Exchanges paused until further notice.

Key Reference Points for AGTV Services

    • Emails directly to individual members
    • Competitions for Students
    • Others to be advised

    AGTV Network Activities for Students

    Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition

    The AGTV facilitates Regional Finals for Years 4 to 9 and State Finals for Years 5 to 9.

    Only students from AGTV member schools may enter this competition. If the school is not a current member, the contact teacher will be notified to arrange payment or an application for membership.

    Fun Fact: The first competition was held in 1993 for Years 8 and 9 students and expanded from there on.

    Network Leaders assist the Committee in facilitating the Regional Finals by finding a host school and supporting the Regional Final Coordinator.


    Schools are required to nominate a teacher to register the school's participation.

    The school contact details will be forwarded to the relevant Network to facilitate planning of the Regional Final.

    Registration of participation for 2021 is closedContact the AGTV if you wish to participate.


    Regional Final Coordinators will be in touch with the Contact Teachers from schools who have registered their participation.

    About the AGTV Competition in 2021

    There are individual and group sections for students to enter at a Regional Final: 

    • DaF* or Open Individual and/or
    • Open Group Performance - a group is 2 to 10 students.

    *The DaF Section is restricted to students learning German as a new language from classroom exposure at school. NOTE: Any student whose first or second home language is German or who are a current of past student of a bilingual school must enter the Open section.

    Any student may enter the Open section.

    A student may at one Regional Final in an individual and/or a group competition.

    What do students do?

    Students select and recite a poem by heart chosen from the list provided by the AGTV Committee.

    There is only one poem for the Group Performance. 

    The Group Performance must be in front of an audience at the Regional Final. A Group must have a minimum of 3 members and can be combinations of any groups of students learning German (e.g. DaF and Open, primary and secondary, multi-year level.) NB: The Group Performance is only at the Regional Final. 

    Poems for 2021

    Poems have been finalised and forwarded to the Contact Teachers who registered on 20 May 2021.


    Available now. Contact teaachers from registered schools have been notified and forwarded the link.

    Certificate for Students at the School

    The Committee produces an official AGTV 'Certificate of Achievement' to be forwarded to the Contact Teachers to distribute to students.

        AGTV Regional Finals for Years 4 to 9

        Students are selected from schools to enter a Regional Final. The dates will be advertised when a host school, Regional Final Coordinator and date are confirmed. 

        The Coordinator of the Regional Final determines how many students for each section and year level may attend and may charge a modest fee to cover costs.

        Students in the individual DaF and Open compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at an AGTV Regional Final.

        Students recite their poem by heart at a Regional Final using the AGTV criteria.

        Eligible winners* from year levels within each section may compete at the State Final.

        *Year 4 individual DaF and Year 4 and Group Open students only compete in Regional Finals.

           AGTV Regional Finals as at 25 Aug 2021

          The Committee collaborate with AGTV networks in for the organisation of Regional Finals of the AGTV Year 4 to 9 Poetry Competition, and to respond to other local needs of individual members.

          Events for teachers within AGTV Networks need to be listed on our Events page.

          STATE FINAL RESULTS 2021

          See bottom of this column.


          DET South Western Region

          • South West Metro (Good News Lutheran College, TBC)
          • Ballarat Goldfields (Ballarat Clarendon, August)
          • Geelong Western District /VSL (Online via AGTV Committe, Wed 11 Aug, online)
          • Wimmera Mallee (online via Dimboola SC)  
          DET North Western Region
          • North West Metro (Online via Macleod College, 23 Jul)
          • NW Bilingual (Not in 2021)
          • NW Inner Community School (German Saturday School, 24 July)
          • NW Outer Community School (Geckos, online Sat 14 Aug)
          • VSL Distance Education (Remote in Aug)
          • Calder / VSL (Spring Gully PS, remote judging in August)

          DET North Eastern Region

          • North East Inner Metro (online via Presbyterian Ladies' College 11 Aug)
          • North East Knox Metro (online via Vermont SC, August)
          • North East Monash Metro  (Remote in Aug via Amsleigh Park PS,)
          • North East Outer Metro (Online via Luther College, 5 Aug Primary, 18 Aug Secondary)
          • NE Bilingual  (Bayswater South PS, Thur 19 Aug)
          • Hume / VSL (Cathedral College, Tue 24 Aug, Cathedral College)

          DET South Eastern Region

          • South East Bayside  (Remote in August)
          • South East Peninsula (Hillcrest Christian College, August )
          • South & North East Community / VSL Metro  (Remote in August)
          • Gippsland  (Mirboo North SC, August)
            Contact: TBC

            Fun Fact: The first state final was held in 1993 for Years 8 and 9 students and expanded from then on.

            Medals for Regional Finals

            AGTV State Final for Years 5 to 9

            The Committee determine how many and who is permitted to enter the State Finals from the Regional Finals. Year 4 do not compete in the State Final.

            There is no charge to enter the State Final.

            Students are NOT expected to wear uniform.


            Saturday 28th August 2021

            The State Final is supported by the Goethe-Institut.


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