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The main public AGTV website is under construction. Until it is live, materials which would usually be found on that site will be shared here. 

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General Materials

Deutsch ist kein Land

Various blackline maps to download

Verrücktes Victoria

Quiz to find towns in Victoria given crazy German names. 

Tokens to Cash in for Prizes

An idea to encourage positive learning behaviours

Annahme - Woher kommst du?

Ideas for using a video clip to explore assumptions and cultural stereotypes

Harry Potter und Freund*innen

General Materials

Cool Connectives

Verbs taking Sein

Das Winnie Spiel

Materials for a game based on a photo story written by Brigitte Lambert. The game is suitable for young learners of German in F-2. The story can be used for later year levels e.g. as a model for writing their own stories.

Senior German / Revised VCE

NB: Individual members can log in and find more materials under Forums and Blogs: Revised Study Design

AGTV Senior Practice Exam 2021

Exam, audio files, transcripts, marking guide.

VCAA Sample Written Exam

Recording of the listening texts on Padlet

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