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  • Macht mit! AGTV Poetry Competition 2016 for Years 4 to 9

Macht mit! AGTV Poetry Competition 2016 for Years 4 to 9

  • 16 Mar 2016
  • 29 Apr 2016
  • Regional Finals across Victoria


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AGTV Sprachfest 2016

Years 4 to 9 Poetry Competition

Students from current AGTV member schools are invited to enter the AGTV Poetry Competition for Years 4 to 9 in one of  two sections: OPEN and DaF.

NB: Year 4 students do not compete in the State Final.

What do students have to do?

Students choose a poem from a set list and learn to recite it by heart.

Regional and State Finals

Schools select students to enter the relevant Regional Final for Mainstream, Bilingual and Community Schools. Students at VSL Centres may also participate in a Regional Final. The Committee allocates schools and VSL Centres to a Regional Final.

Regional Final results must be notified to the Committee by Friday, 5th August.

Eligible prize winners at Regional Finals progress to the State Final. The State Final is on Saturday, 20th August, 2016.


Where do I find the poems?

The poems for 2016 are being finalised.

Poems will be sent to the contact teacher from schools registering their participation on this site.

Registration of Interest to Participate from Schools

All schools wanting to participate in this competition must register their intended participation on this site. Nominate one teacher from the school or campus who will be the contact person to complete a registration on this website.

The details of the contact person will be used to communicate with the school regarding this competition by the Committee and Network Leaders or Regional Final Coordinators.

Please register your school's interest ASAP to allow for further planning, but definitely by 29th April.

About the Open and DaF Sections 2016


There are two sections for the competition: OPEN and DaF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache - Second Language Learners).

It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to determine the eligibility of students for DaF.


Eligibility for the OPEN Section 2016

Any student learning German at an AGTV member school may enter the Open Section.

Eligibility for the DaF Section 2016 NEW

Students learning German as an additional new language primarily from classroom exposure at an AGTV member school.

AGTV Criteria for Judging

Pronunciation and Intonation

The words are pronounced correctly with confidence.

Diction and Phrasing

The phrases are distinct and appropriately emphasized e.g. tempo, stress, pauses.

Interpretation and Insight

How effectively her/his understanding of the mood and meaning of the poem is conveyed. This includes the overall tone and use of voice, eye contact, facial expressions and, in rare instances, limited gestures as appropriate for a recitation to a German-speaking community.

NB: No props. The judges decision if final.

The AGTV Poetry Competition is supported with funding from the Victorian government.

Members are required to agree to the Rules of the Association and to abide by the Privacy Statement and Guidelines.

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