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Welcome to the AGTV Inc. Events and Member Management System

AGTV Inc. No A0024716J  ABN 69 688 318 657  PO Box 498, Blackburn, 3130 - The AGTV Inc. does not have an office.

The AGTV Inc. is not registered for the GST and is not required to issue tax invoices. Costs do not include GST.


This site provides AGTV with an online registration for events, member management system and some additional content for members. The membership software and online event registration streamlines the administration of our association for our volunteer Committee and Network Leaders.

The AGTV website provides comprehensive information and links for schools and wider community related to the teaching and learning of German.

Events - A full list of events can be found by clicking on the Events & Registration heading in the top toolbar, or from the Upcoming events list below.

Apply for Individual membership or for a Subscription to SZENE by clicking on the Membership & SZENE Subscription in the top toolbar. Once payment is received for membership, an automatic reminder for payment of the annual subscription will be emailed each year to the email registered on this system. 

Individual Members Area: Log in with the email you are registered with on this system. Further headings will appear in the top toolbar.

New School membership applications: Email for a link to an initial application form (Survey Monkey) and an invoice will be forwarded.

School membership does not provide access to the member rate for professional development, including Network Meetings, nor access to the members' area on this site.

NB: Invoices for renewal of membership are forwarded to the school for payment.

About AGTV Membership

AGTV individual and school membership is for a calendar year.

All memberships contribute to the range of services and events provided by the AGTV or provided in collaboration with others in Victoria and beyond.


Become a member by clicking on the 'Membership & SZENE subscription' above.

How the AGTV uses Contact Information: The Committee and Network Leaders communicate with members mostly by email and on occasion by phone. Every individual and school member and subscriber to SZENE receives a copy of SZENE by mail. The postal address of members and subscribers is provided to authorised businesses for the purpose of handling the posting of SZENE. When hosting events, the dietary requirements of individuals are forwarded to venues. List of attendees at events may also be distributed to those present.


NB: Activation of Individual Membership

All applications online must be authorised by an AGTV Administrator to activate membership which is not considered until payment is received. The fastest way to becoming a member is to pay online.

Membership is not transferable.

About Individual Membership

Benefits of Individual Membership

NB: GST not included in any charges.

The AGTV is not required to produce tax invoices.










Access to professional development at individual member rates

Yes Yes

AGTV emails direct to your mailbox

Yes Yes Yes
Evidence of professional engagement for VIT registration
Yes Yes


AGTV member alerts incl. job opportunities



Networking opportunities with members



Member only offers e.g. PD, materials



Access to online resources shared with members



Complimentary copy of the the print journal SZENE Annual and other electronic publications or newsletters



The AGTV is not registered for the GST and is not required to issue tax invoices.

Personal payment of individual membership can be claimed as a tax deduction.


*Victorian Concession - Individual Membership

This Individual Concession membership is offered to encourage professional engagement with the AGTV to individuals in Victoria who are either:

  • Full-time tertiary students at an institution in Victoria, OR
  • Training teachers of German, OR
  • Language assistants in Victorian schools
**Retired Member - Individual Membership

Former individual members of the AGTV who have retired and want to stay in contact with the Association incl. those who may be teaching German at the U3.

    Benefits of Online Individual Membership Applications

    The administration of our association is streamlined and provides mutual time saving benefits for members including.:

    • individuals manage their own profile including updating contact details
    • renewal notices and invoices for event registrations automatically produced for payment
    • choice of online secure payment option through PayPal Express Checkout for membership and events

    NB: Personal details are not shared. See the 'Privacy' heading below and the link to a detailed statement.

    About School Membership

    School membership supports the professional services provided by the AGTV for students and teachers, all of which impact on student learning outcomes. Some services are only for students from member schools, and when open to all students, distinctions are made between member and non-member schools.

    A copy of the SZENE Annual is complimentary with each school membership.

    *The AGTV is a Registered Student Exchange Organisation with the VRQA in Victoria and TASC in Tasmania and coordinates a 10-week reciprocal exchange with the Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR) in the German state of Bavaria.

    Specific services to schools and students provided by the AGTV include:

    • Dedicated area for students on the main AGTV website, as well as open access to links and materials for teachers and the community
    • 10-week reciprocal AGTV-BJR Student Exchange* for Year 10 and 11 students (apply in Yr 9 and 10) open to students from AGTV member schools across Victoria and Tasmania
    • AGTV Sponsorship of a SAGSE Scholarship for Year 11 and 12 student to travel to Germany for 10 weeks (SAGSE is a registered School Exchange Organisation)
    • Organising and funding of competitions for primary and secondary students e.g.Poetry Competition, Song des Jahres, Kunst und Poesie, Werbespot, Chor des Jahres.
    • Funding support for other student opportunities e.g. AGTV Network activities for students, Goethe-Institut School Film Festival, Goethe-Institut/AGTV Year 10 Scholarships
    • Promotional events and materials e.g. Posters, German Day Out, Year 12 Student Forum to support preparation for final exams
    • Organisation of professional learning for teachers. NB - Only individual members can access member rates for professional development provided by the AGTV.

    Victorian School Membership

    School memberships have different levels based on the total school enrolment and school type. Invoices are forwarded to schools for payment early in the year.

    School membership types in 2020 

    Each school membership receives a complimentary subscription to SZENE.

    NB: All prices GST not included, as the AGTV is not registered for the GST.

    • Large 7-12 or P-12 or Campus (400+ total school enrolment - $160)
    • Small 7-12 or P-12 or Campus (90 to 400 total school enrolment - $100)
    • Very Small School (less than 90 total school enrolment - $50)
    • Large Community School ($100)
    • Small Community School ($60)
    • VSL Centre ($60)

    NB: Renewal of School Membership in 2020

    Invoices for school members in 2017 are automatically forwarded electronically to schools for payment at the start of the calendar year. Follow up invoices may be emailed or mailed.

    If you have not yet received one, please email the Treasurer: 


    If your school was not a member in 2019, please complete the application, notify the AGTV - and an invoice will be forwarded for payment:

    Interstate School Registration for AGTV-BJR Exchange

    The AGTV is a nationally registered Student Exchange Organisation and is currently registered to offer the exchange within Victoria and Tasmania.

    This is for schools with students participating in our AGTV-BJR exchange from Tasmania, and includes a complimentary copy of SZENE.

    SZENE Annual 2020

    A copy of SZENE is complimentary with every individual and school membership of the AGTV.  SZENE will be published in the first half of the year and posted to individual and school members and subscribers and members of SAGTA. Sorry, no back copies available.

    In 2016, the Committee resolved to publish one printed issue of SZENE each year.

    Further information about SZENE and its contents: CLICK HERE

    Subcriptions to SZENE in 2020

    SZENE is complimentary with every AGTV membership but subscriptions are available for individuals and schools/libraries.

    • Australian Individual subscription to SZENE + Extras - one print issue incl. postage - $20, and any extras as a bonus for individual subscription e.g. access to selected materials produced by the AGTV which are emailed to individual email addresses only.
    • Australian School/Library subscription to SZENE Annual - one print issue of SZENE incl. postage mailed to the school or library
    • International subscriptions on application

    NB: South Australian teachers receive a subscription to SZENE as part of membership of their association, SAGTA. Any additional materials produced by the AGTV are forwarded to SAGTA for distribution to their members. Go to SAGTA Website HERE



    Personal details are kept private and will only be used by the AGTV for planning and delivering professional services. We use contact information to communicate with our members. This includes sending eNewsletters and notifications directly to members, contact by the Committee or Network Leaders, invoicing for events, authorising access to member content, and postal communication including the delivery of SZENE. Contact details are not given out to others without the consent of the member.


    Further details and our PLN Guidelines can be found on our main website under 'Privacy': CLICK HERE



    Online registration for Events

    Click on the notice under the Upcoming events heading below for details and online registration. If the event you seek is not listed below, please click on Events & Registration above for the complete list and and scroll down.

    Individual members pay member rates for professional learning offered by the AGTV.

    Subscribe to the RSS feed on the Events page to track PD offered by the AGTV.

    NB: Members may need to update their browsers for compatibility for online payments. 

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    Members are required to agree to the Rules of the Association and to abide by the Privacy Statement and Guidelines.

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